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Buxton Junior School

Our Vision and Values

Buxton Junior School - Our Vision and Values

At Buxton Junior School, our aim is to educate our children so they can make the world a better place.


We value ourselves, our environment and the wider community by:

  • nurturing and inspiring lifelong learners who strive to be their best
  • creating strong partnerships between the school, families and the wider community
  • encouraging our children to be kind, responsible and active citizens
  • ensuring wellbeing is at the heart of the curriculum
  • exploring every opportunity for outdoor learning.


We achieve this vision because teaching and learning are at the heart of what we do at Buxton Junior School. We are committed to ensuring that all children in our school receive high quality, diverse and inclusive learning experiences in every sense; academic, social, spiritual and physical. We want our children to leave our school with:

  • an ability to reflect, discuss, evaluate and think critically
  • an ability to be an engaged and effective life-long learner
  • respect and tolerance for themselves and others
  • enhanced understanding and knowledge of the world, both locally and globally, valuing diversity and difference and the importance of equality and inclusivity
  • an understanding of how one’s own character and social, cultural, spiritual and moral development are key to becoming active and useful members of society

Listening to our children and understanding what they think, feel and care about is fundamental to our ethos. All the children were asked what values shape our school and from this work we created our V² award where our vision and values meet (see below).