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Buxton Junior School

Our Staff Team

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher: Mrs Carter
Deputy Headteacher: Mr Williamson (Mon/Tues/Wed)
Acting Deputy Headteacher (Thurs/Fri) and Well-being Coordinator: Mrs Dowling
Personal Development: Mrs Hawkins

Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO): Mrs Hewison

Other roles in school

Assessment Coordinator: Mr Williamson

Mathematics Subject Leaders: Mrs Fox and Miss Walker

English Subject Leader: Miss Moseley (currently on maternity leave)

Science Subject Leader: Mrs Armstrong

PE Subject Leader:  Mrs Bentley

Computing Subject Leader: Mr Mitchard

Art and DT Subject Leader: Mrs Crewe

Humanities Subject Leader: Mrs Hawkins

Music Subject Leader: Mrs Hewison

PSHE Subject Leader: Miss Walker


Class teachers

Year 3

Class 3M          Mr Mitchard
Class 3W         Miss Walker
Year 4 
Class 4D          Mrs Dowling 
Class 4H          Mrs Hewison
Year 5
Class 5A         Mrs Armstrong 
Class 5CW      Mrs Crewe and Mr Williamson
Year 6
Class 6BF       Mrs Bentley and Mrs Fox
Class 6H        Mrs Hawkins


PPA/Management Time Teachers: Mrs Chetwood, Mrs Cudahy

Miss Moseley (currently on maternity leave)

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Iball, Mrs Hawley, Mrs Smith, Mrs Williams, Mrs Cuthbert, Mr Wilshaw, Mrs Westley, Mrs Davies, Miss Crook, Miss Vickery, Miss Miller, Miss Cirillo


OLE Instructor:  Mr Morton


Family Resource Workers: Mrs Williams, Miss Travers-Muir


Office Staff: Mrs Smith (School Business Officer/Clerk to Governors), Mrs Whelan (School Business Assistant)


Midday Staff: Mrs Williams (Senior MDS), Mrs Spencer, Miss Spencer,  Mrs Westley (currently on maternity leave), Mrs Davies, Mrs Bramwell, Miss Crook, Mrs Rigley, Miss Bramwell


Caretaker/Cleaner: Mrs Bramwell,  Cleaner - Mrs Bayman

Catering Supervisor:  Mrs Downings

Catering Assistants:  Mrs Nicholas, Mrs Armett