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Buxton Junior School

Our Curriculum


Teaching and learning are at the heart of what we do at Buxton Junior School. We are committed to ensuring the children in our schools receive high quality, inclusive learning experiences in every sense be they academic, social, spiritual or physical.

As a result we hope our children leave our school with:

  • An ability to reflect, discuss, evaluate and think critically
  • An ability to be an engaged and effective life-long learner
  • Respect and tolerance for themselves and others
  • Enhanced understanding and knowledge of the world, both locally and globally
  • An understanding of how one’s own character and social, cultural, spiritual and moral development are key to becoming active and useful members of society.

We are passionate advocates of outdoor learning, which has been built into our lesson planning to ensure we take every opportunity to get the children learning outside. 

At Buxton Junior School, the teaching of reading is of paramount importance so in English we use high quality whole-class texts, both fiction and non-fiction, to develop a deep love of reading and writing. The books are read together over a period of weeks and during that time the children have the opportunity to write in lots of different styles and genres whilst engaging with the book. We use discussion and drama to embed some of the language as we believe that if you can say it, you can write it. Grammar is taught within English lessons rather than discretely so that good foundations in the skills of writing are built from an early stage. We love reading at our school and we love exploring the books we read by writing letters, diaries, stories, reports as if we were the characters in the books. We also enjoy studying poetry, learning and reciting poems by heart, while recognising and discussing different poetic forms. For more information about our English curriculum, please see below. 

We have created a four year rolling programme to ensure the curriculum is fully covered but we also have an annual planning calendar to ensure we can respond to special events, anniversaries and the children's and teachers' interests and passions.

We also believe that rigour in skills leads to freedom in content so every subject has a detailed skills progression which is built into our planning tool and which also takes account of the work they have done in Y2. Please click on each subject to see their skills progressions. 

If you would like any more information about our curriculum, please call or come into school. 

What drives our curriculum at Buxton Junior School?

Universal Themes

We believe that there are seven universal cross-curricular themes, which we aim to re-visit in order to enhance our children's understanding of, and relationship with, the wider world. Revisiting learning through these themes also allows the children to make connections to their previous learning. We believe this is vital as it helps them to really embed the content and skills they have already covered. We also work closely with the infant school to ensure we reflect on what they have covered in their curriculum. 

Our seven themes are:

  • Invention
  • Journeys
  • Love
  • Power
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Conflict
  • Separation

For example, "Journeys" is relevant when finding out about the Romans or Vikings invading Britain, when learning about evacuees leaving their homes during World War II or when reading about the adventures of Varjak Paw, a cat who leaves his home to live in the city. We talk about these themes with the children to help them to understand them. For example, when talking about "Conflict", teachers might link the power struggle in Macbeth to the battles for control of Britain during Anglo-Saxon and Viking times, or to the relationships between the giants in The BFG. 

In this way, we hope the children make connections with their previous learning and that they deepen their understanding of themes which they will meet all through their lives, in themselves, their environment and the wider world. 

Children with SEND at Buxton Junior School

We are an inclusive school so ensure that our curriculum is accessible for every child with SEND. It is very important to us that we comply with the Equality Act 2010. We make careful adaptations to our staffing, teaching plans or resources where necessary but always endeavour to ensure that every child in our school, including those with SEND, have the same high quality educational experiences.

Please see our curriculum maps for the four year groups below.