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Buxton Junior School


Assessment at Buxton Junior School


At Buxton Junior School we want to know how well our pupils are learning so that we can help them to continue to do well at school. To help us do this we have an assessment system so that we can measure attainment (how much pupils know) and progress (how quickly pupils are learning) against the objectives in the 2014 National Curriculum.


In order to have a clear picture of pupil performance in the different curriculum areas we gather information about their learning at regular intervals, which we use in the following ways:

  • To give parents reliable and accurate information about their child’s progress and attainment,
  • To give teachers information about what pupils know and will need to learn next,
  • To identify any pupils who may require additional support in order to help them stay on track to achieve their potential,
  • To give school governors information about how effective teaching and learning is within the school.

Assessment information is shared termly at Parents’ Evenings and in the end of school report. If you have any concerns about the progress your child is making please do not hesitate to speak with the class teacher.