If you are a child at home and are worried about something but don't have a trusted adult at home who you can talk to, remember the Childline number 0800 1111

Buxton Junior School

Online Safety at BJS

Online Safety at Buxton Junior School 

We believe in the vital role that online safety plays in teaching children how to stay safe in the digital world.  We know that the internet is a wonderful place for learning for our children but they need to be equipped with the  tools for dealing with any dangers or problems that they may encounter.  In order to be truly successful in helping our children to stay safe online, we need to work in partnership with parents and carers.

What do we do at Buxton Junior School to teach about online safety?

  • Children receive regular online safety assemblies where a range of online safety themes are discussed, often through age appropriate stories.
  • Online safety lessons are taught as part of our PSHE Matters scheme of work.
  • Online safety is taught at the beginning of some computing lessons but sometimes we dedicate whole lessons to an online safety theme.  Where this is the case, we follow the Project Evolve Online Safety scheme.
  •  Staff and governors receive training in online safety to keep updated with the latest and local issues around online safety.
  • Parents/carers receive regular information about online safety through our termly newsletters.

We are an i-vengers school

We are working with Derbyshire County Council on their i-vengers scheme.

We have 8 i-vengers from our year 5 and 6 classes who told us why they wanted to do this very special job in school.  They carry out lots of different online safety activities including leading assemblies and talking to children in their classes.

Last year, we received our bronze, silver and gold certificates for our work in this area.  The i-vengers are supported by Mrs Dowling in school.

Buxton Junior School Top 12 Online Safety Tips

Our amazing i-vengers worked with every child in school to produce a document of our school's Top 12 Online Safety tips.  This list was shared with parents and carers and can be found in every classroom in school.