Buxton Junior School

Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Education

At Buxton Junior School (BJS) we believe pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development equips them to be thoughtful, caring and active citizens in school and in wider society.

Throughout the school year, we make sure every child gets to experience a diverse range of activities not only through the National Curriculum, but also through the SMSC calendar of events and activities. One example, is the exciting visit in Year 4 to the Open Centre in Derby; this gives the children the opportunity to visit a mosque, Hindu temple and a gurdwara. Staff from the Open Centre have visited school to run Asian cookery workshops and Passover workshops as well as whole school assemblies.

Our desire is to make inspiring cross curricular links to extend pupils’ SMSC development. Helping children understand the ‘wider world’ and their part in it through a range of subjects for example literature, humanities, art. At BJS there are many opportunities for the children to take part in making decisions and ‘shaping’ their school community an example earlier this year was when the whole School held an election to decide on the School’s charity of the year.

Forest School at Buxton Junior School is the opportunity to develop confidence, work collaboratively and enjoy nature and learning in our natural environment.

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