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Buxton Junior School

Geography and History

Geography and history help children to understand the world, its environments and places near and far, and the processes that create and affect them. At Buxton Junior School, geography and history are taught through the topic approach. Some of our humanities topics are history based, some are geography based, and many, such as the Anglo Saxons and Vikings, include both history and geography. Our topics have our curriculum drivers, Ourselves, Our Environment and The Wider World at their heart. We aim to inspire children through experiences, visits and outdoor learning, and to instil character skills, virtues and values such as empathy, curiosity and British Values. 

Below is a table showing the topics covered in each year group.




Year 3



The Stone Age

The Romans

Year 4


The Water Cycle

Ancient Egypt

Anglo Saxons and Vikings

Year 5

 Climate Zones

Evacuees in World War II

The Maya Civilisation

Year 6

Local Study

Mapping Our World


Ancient Greece

Skills Progression in Geography and History