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Buxton Junior School

Catch-up Premium

Coronavirus Catch-up Premium at Buxton Junior School

We will receive approximately £80 per pupil for 20-21

We have identified a number of barriers to learning caused by school closure due to Covid-19.

  • Some children have specific gaps in maths in areas that were missed during closure but also in knowledge that was not secure prior to closure.
  • Some children are experiencing difficulty with writing in areas of stamina, grammar and handwriting.
  • Some children have gaps in their phonic knowledge, affecting their spelling and reading.
  • Some children have reduced focus and resilience in the classroom setting.
  • Some children are finding the return to the school environment more challenging.
  • Some children have limited access to technology at home meaning they find it difficult to access home-learning.

How do we intend to spend the premium?

  • Additional adult support in some year groups allows for small group work with teachers and TAs.
  • Outdoor Learning Extension programme to boost self-esteem and school engagement.
  • Purchase of whole school handwriting intervention.
  • Extra phonics sessions in the afternoons for some children to close gaps.
  • Purchase of new Chromebooks to support access to IT in school and at home.
  • Engaging with the National Tutoring Programme to fund tutors for 1:3 sessions for disadvantaged children requiring the most support, at a heavily discounted rate. These sessions will be led by our school staff and will take place in the afternoons. We hope to start delivery in January 2021.

How will we judge the impact of the premium?

  • Robust baselines in reading, writing, maths, spelling and phonics were gathered in September of this year and we will use these to track progress throughout the year.
  • Family resource workers and class teachers will monitor the well-being of the children on the OLE programme.
  • The tutors will report back to the class teachers about progress; the children should also be able to demonstrate and explain their progress.