Buxton Junior School

Who's Who in our staff team

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Senior Leadership Team

Ros Carter: Headteacher
Deputy Headteacher: Mr Williamson ( Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)
Acting Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Dowling ( Thursday and Friday)
Well-being Coordinator: Mrs Dowling
Curriculum Leader: Mrs Hawkins
Other roles in school
Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO): Mrs Chetwood

Assessment Coordinator: Mr Williamson

Mathematics Subject Leaders: Mrs Fox and Mr Williamson

English Subject Leader: Mrs Hawkins

Science Subject Leader: Mrs Armstrong

PE Subject Leader:  Mrs Bentley

Computing Subject Leader: Mr Mitchard

Art  and DT Subject Leader: Mrs Crewe

Humanities Subject Leader: Mrs Hawkins

Music Subject Leader: Miss Moseley

Modern Foreign Languages Subject Leader: Mrs Chetwood

PSHE Subject Leader: Miss Walker


Class teachers

Year 3

Class 3C          Mrs Chetwood
Class 3W          Miss Walker
Year 4 
Class 4D           Mrs Dowling
Class 4M           Mr Mitchard
Year 5
Class 5AH         Mrs Armstrong and Mrs Hewison 
Class 5H           Mrs Hawkins
Year 6
Class 6BF          Mrs Bentley and Mrs Fox
Class 6M           Miss Moseley

PPA/Management Cover: Mr Williamson and Mrs Crewe
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Iball, Mrs Hawley, Mrs Smith, Mrs Hewison, Mrs Williams, Mrs Stanway, Mrs Cuthbert, Mr Pearson, Mr Wilshaw, Mrs Westley, Mrs Davies, Miss Crook


Family Resource Workers: Mrs Williams, Mrs Woods


Office Staff: Mrs Smith (School Business Officer), Mrs Whelan (Assistant School Business Officer)
Midday Staff: Mrs Williams (Senior MDS), Mrs Spencer, Mrs Ball,  Miss Spencer, Mrs McElheron, Mrs Westley, Mrs Davies,  Mrs Bramwell, Miss Crook, Mrs Flint


Caretaking and Cleaning StaffMrs Bramwell, Mrs Chadwick


Catering Staff: Mrs Downings, Miss Downings, Mrs Brindley


Picture 1 Mrs Carter (Headteacher)
Picture 2 Mr Williamson (Deputy Headteacher/ PPA Cover)
Picture 3 Mrs Dowling (Acting Deputy/ Class 4D Teacher/ SLT
Picture 4 Mrs Hawkins (Class 5H Teacher / SLT / Curriculum)
Picture 5 Mrs Fox (Class 6BF Teacher/ Maths)
Picture 6 Mrs Bentley (Class 6BF Teacher/ PE/SLT)
Picture 7 Mr Mitchard (Class 4M Teacher/ ICT)
Picture 8 Mrs Armstrong (Class 5AHTeacher/ Science)
Picture 9 Mrs Crewe (PPA/Management Cover/ Art/DT)
Picture 10 Miss Walker (Class 3W Teacher/ PSHE)
Picture 11 Mrs Hewison (Class 5AHTeacher/Teaching Assistant)
Picture 12 Mrs Whelan (Business Assistant)
Picture 13 Mrs Iball (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 14 Mrs Hawley (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 15 Mrs Stanway (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 16 Mrs B Smith (School Business Officer)
Picture 17 Mrs Williams (TA/Senior MDS/Family Resource worker
Picture 18 Mrs Ball (Midday Supervisor)
Picture 19 Mrs Spencer (Midday Supervisor)
Picture 20 Mrs Woods (Family Resource Worker)
Picture 21 Miss Moseley (Class 6M Teacher/ Music)
Picture 22 Mr Pearson (Teaching Assistant/PE Leader)
Picture 23 Mrs Cuthbert (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 24 Mrs Smith (Teaching Assistant/Forest School)
Picture 25 Mrs Pow (Teacher- Supply)
Picture 26 Mrs Chetwood (Class 3C Teacher/ SENCO)
Picture 27 Miss Spencer (Midday Supervisor)
Picture 28 Mr Wilshaw (PE Teaching Assistant\)
Picture 29 Mrs Westley (Midday Supervisor//TA)
Picture 30 Mrs Davies (Midday Supervisor/TA)
Picture 31 Mrs Bramwell (Midday Supervisor/ Caretaker)
Picture 32 Mrs McElheron (Midday Supervisor)
Picture 33 Miss Crook (Midday Supervisor/TA)