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Pure Space Children's Counselling 

Pure Space is a Buxton based children's counselling service, commissioned by a group of local primary schools including Buxton Junior School. The schools' counsellor, Debbie Withers (MSc, MBACP), works with individuals and groups of children to help with a wide range of social, developmental and emotional issues including low confidence, transition, anger management, conflict, bereavement and loss. 

How do I know if my child could be helped by counselling?

It is not always easy to distinguish between the emotional changes that are part of your child's emotional development and difficulties that may fall beyond the typical range of childhood experience or require professional help. If you notice a distinct change in your child's behaviour (this could be gradual or sudden) or see him/her becoming withdrawn or highly emotional it would be worth contacting the schools counsellor for an informal discussion.


How do I refer my child for counselling at Buxton Junior School?

If you are considering asking for counselling for your child you can speak informally to a member of the teaching staff at your school as a first step. Alternatively you can ask to meet with the school counsellor or contact her directly on her confidential email account