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Parent Voice Meetings 2016-2017


Parent/carer Voice Meetings are relaxed, informal meetings which provide an opportunity for parents/carers to discuss what is going well at Buxton Junior School and what could be even better. Headteacher, Mrs Minter and Family Resource Worker, Mrs Williams attend the meetings.

During past meetings, parents/carers said:

  • They would like more opportunities to be involved in their children's learning during the day
  • They would like to find out about current methods of teaching mathematics
  •  The layout of the Newsletter could be improved
  •  Parking is a problem on Mosley Road

In response to this, we :

  • Made "Reading together" sessions more frequent, half termly events
  • Ran a  mathematics workshop for parents/carers led by Class 6
  • Ran mouthwatering mathematics events for all year groups
  • Invited parents/carers of Year 3 pupils to share pupils' work in class 
  • Colour coded year events on the Newsletter
  • Arranged for white lines to be painted on Mosley Road to deter parking, and held a competition for a  "no parking banner" to be displayed on our school front gate.

Dates of meetings 2015-2016:

Tuesday 3rd November 2015

Tuesday 12th January 2016

Tuesday 1st March 2016

Tuesday 19th April 2016

Tuesday 28th June 2016

 At our most recent Parent/carer Voice Meeting on Friday 25th November 2016 we discussed the strengths of our school and areas for development. These were the main points raised:


Approachable staff, range of incentives and rewards, welcome meetings at the start of the year, Year 3 topic morning for parents/carers, range of visits and visitors, research homework topics and the texting system to communicate with parents/carers.

Areas for development:

More information about topics, more information about interventions and ways parents/carers can help at home, more photographs on the website, more consistent use of stars across classes, the wording of some letters, information about mindfulness and the use of social media to communicate.

In response to this we:

  • Have ensured Topic webs are available to parents/carers
  • Discussed the use of  rewarding stars with staff
  • Have established a series of coffee mornings to provide information about interventions 
  • Ran Mouth watering mathematics events for parents/carers and provided copies of our calculation policy (also available on the website) and information about supporting pupils with reading
  • Are soon to be involved in a pilot mindfulness project which is being led by the Educational Psychology service
  • Are exploring ways to increase our use of social media.