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Buxton Junior School - Helping your child become a better reader - Oct 2018

Our Curriculum

It is the aim of Buxton Junior School to create a stimulating environment in which children are actively engaged in their learning. It is a high priority of the school to develop literacy and numeracy skills. We will provide opportunities to use and apply these skills across other areas of the curriculum. Buxton Junior School is committed to ensuring that children attain the expected standard at the end of Year 6.

It is a requirement that all children should study the National Curriculum.

The subjects of the National Curriculum are as follows:

Core subjects:

English, Mathematics, Science

Foundation subjects:

Art and design


Design and Technology




Music *

Physical Education

Schools are also required to teach Religious Education.

Personal, Social and Health Education ( including sex education) is also taught at Buxton Junior School.

* We offer Wider Opportunities music provision. In Year 4 all pupils will learn to play the violin. In Year 3 pupils are learning to play handbells, Y6 pupils are learning to play djembe drums and Y5 will start a short course on the steel pans in January 2017. There are also opportunities for Wider Opportunities ukulele lessons and peripatetic woodwind and string teachers also visit school.

The National Curriculum


Core Objectives for Literacy and Numeracy for each year group. These Core Objectives form the basis of the curriculum for English and mathematics.

Read Write Inc  -  Help your child with their reading


This YouTube video will help your child with pronunciation of the letters


Buxton Junior School Calculation Policy 2015-2016

Helping your child with Numeracy

Science Curriculum